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Масло от семена амбрете

Масло от семена амбрете

(Hibiscus abelmoschus)

Ambrette seed oil is distilled from the dried seeds of Abelmoschus moschatus (also known as Hibiscus mochatus, musk mallow and musk seed). This perennial shrub is native to tropical Asia and widely cultivated in other tropical countries.

It produces bright yellow, hibiscus-like flowers with purple centres, followed by hairy seed pods containing  several kidney bean-shaped seeds. The seed pods are dried before distillation.

The oil is an excellent plant-based substitute to animal musk notes in perfumery. Its odour quality lacks the faecal note often found in real musk and it's an ethical alternative. The scent is warm, woody, slightly floral and extremely persistent, making it an excellent fixative or a base note in fine fragrances.

The seeds are used in North African spice mixes and eaten 'as is' to sweeten breath. They are also sometimes added for flavour in coffee. Whole seed pods are used as 'musk okra' in cooking and the plant has many uses in herbal medicine.

Ambrette seed oil is used by aromatherapists for anxiety, depression and as an aphrodisiac.

We use ambrette to add woody, floral notes to Imogen Rose.