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  • Bewitched Бърз поглед


    Пенливка за вана

    След дълъг ден летене с метла, се приземете с тамян и се омагьосайте с бергамот. Размърдайте си носа и вдишайте този познат къпинов аромат. Дали в този живот или в някой от останалите осем, ще сте будала да изпуснете този шанс.

    В наличност

    12,75лв / бр.

  • Boo! Бърз поглед


    Душ слуз

    Raise your spirits this Halloween and get hands-on with this spooky black slime! Softening cornflour leaves skin clean and comforted while the buffing power of bamboo stem extract will slay dry skin and leave it frighteningly smooth. Xanthan gum is a natural thickening agent that softens and moisturises the skin while preserving the product. It also means we don’t have to use any plastics to make your slime extra slimy! Don’t let the colour scare you off, this slime is fragranced with the bubblegum scent of a trick or treat haul. It’s always best to get a little messy before you get clean! Scoop into your hands and squidge away, and when you’re ready to wash lather up on wet skin and rinse off for a brand new take on showering!

    В наличност

    29,75лв / 240g

  • Glow Worm Бърз поглед

    Glow Worm


    We don’t wanna bug you, but you have to try Glow Worm fun. It may seem simple, but looks can be deceiving. Craft it into any shape your heart desires and then watch as it lights up in the dark. Let us shed light on what’s in this fresh and fancy multipurpose bar. Lemongrass will leave you feeling delighted with its uplifting properties, while fruity bergamot adds a playful cheery edge and grounding rosewood adds a warm note that will light up your life.

    В наличност

    12,25лв / 100g

  • Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb Бърз поглед

    Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

    Бомбичка за вана

    Тази балистика за вана, кръстена на властелина от езическия празник на глупаците, има странен и великолепен аромат, създаден от гуруто на парфюмите Gorilla, Саймън Константин. Тя се разтваря, разкривайки сърцевина с винен цвят, носеща сладостта на първото в света феър трейд ванилово масло-абсолют, перфектно балансирано от земните аромати на черен пипер и масло от пачули.

    В наличност

    10,95лв / бр.

  • Mercury Retrograde Бърз поглед

    Mercury Retrograde

    Бомбичка за вана

    On All Hallows' Eve this year, Mercury will be in retrograde. But before thoughts of imminent chaos cross your mind, grab this cosmic bath bomb. Whether you’ve slept through your alarm, or conversations with friends seem curious, you might be in need of some reassurance. Sicilian lemon oil collides with stimulating ginger to ease tension and lift your mood. While sodium alginate cocoons you in comfort, coarse sea salt helps soften skin. Be soothed by fruity buchu and spicy cinnamon that will leave you feeling celestial and wash any worries of weird interactions away.

    В наличност

    12,25лв / бр.

  • Rainbow Skull Бърз поглед

    Rainbow Skull

    Опаковъчно шалче

    Шалче за опаковане, което също може да носите като моден аксесоар.

    В наличност

    13,50лв / бр.

  • Sparkly Pumpkin Бърз поглед

    Sparkly Pumpkin

    Пенливка за вана

    I guess you think you know this story.  You don't. The real one's much more foamy. Mind you, Dahl got the first bit right,  The bit where, in the dead of night,  The Ugly Sisters, jewels and all,  Departed for the Palace Ball,  While darling little Cinderella  Was locked up in a slimy cellar,  She bellowed 'Help!' and 'Let me out!  The Magic Fairy heard her shout.  She answered "Cindy, keep your cool! And I shall send you to ball!" Cindy said, "Don't make me laugh, I'd much prefer a steamy bath. My sisters treat me like a pauper, Then don't save me any water!" Moved by Cinderella's troubles, The Fairy conjured up some bubbles, She filled the bathtub to the top And Cindy soon forgot her strop. "Wow," she shouted, "Gold and lime!" A bath this good is worth my time, And readers, it is worth yours too, As (nearly) every word is true. 

    В наличност

    12,25лв / бр.