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  • American Cream (Solid Hair Conditioner) Бърз поглед

    American Cream (Solid Hair Conditioner)

    Твърд балсам за коса

    American Cream pressed conditioner uses the fresh juice of both strawberries and orange for shine and softness, while agave syrup helps to lock in moisture for longer. It has a sumptuous milkshake scent of vanilla, clary sage and lavender which will linger in the hair long after you’ve rinsed the conditioner away. So why limit yourself to bringing all the boys to the yard, when you can bring them to the gym, on holiday… pretty much wherever you want?! After shampooing, rub this pink bar through wet hands to create a conditioning cream or if you’re looking for even more moisture work straight onto wet hair before rinsing away to leave hair feeling soft and smooth with a healthy shine.

    В наличност

    23,25лв / бр.

  • Angel Hair Бърз поглед

    Angel Hair

    Твърд шампоан

    Gently does it. For hair that needs just the softest of touches, this angelically gentle shampoo bar is heaven-sent (and heavenly scented). Aquafaba adds shine and strength to the hair, rose water and witch hazel calm and soothe the scalp. Ylang ylang oil tones and gently stimulates for a healthy head of hair while soya lecithin aids the absorption of all that goodness.

    В наличност

    19,50лв / бр.

  • Candy Rain Бърз поглед

    Candy Rain

    Балсам за коса

    If you’re craving sumptuous sleekness, this tonka and cocoa scented fix is your saviour - thanks to hydrating coconut, cashew and macadamia milk, and a plentiful helping of soft water. Yes, you heard right. Unlike hard water, soft water helps to smooth hair because it doesn’t contain volumising minerals that cause locks to lift. Added to a conditioning mix of macadamia and Brazil nut oils, this Candy Rain offers a glossy finish for silky smooth styles.

    В наличност

  • Coconut Rice Cake Бърз поглед

    Coconut Rice Cake

    Твърд шампоан

    A hydrating coconut shampoo bar for hair that’s been left high and dry. If your hair’s bleached, super thick or has to work extra hard, treat it to a generous moisture boost, thanks to a conditioning duo of creamed coconut and organic coconut milk - plus soften each strand with soya lecithin, its wholesome plant fats aid the absorption of all that moisture into the hair.

    В наличност

    19,50лв / бр.

  • Flyway Hair Бърз поглед

    Flyway Hair

    Твърд шампоан

    Ahoy there! Make your hair a shining example of gloss and substance with this volumising sea salt and sarcocornia powder shampoo bar. Thicken up fine hair with sea salt for texture, sourced from salt pans that provide important stopover sites for wading birds as well as places where wading birds can feed, rest and breed. Lemon oil cleanses the scalp and adds shine, while chamomile soothes. Topped with a breezy summer fragrance for hair that smells windswept and gorgeous. Hello sailor!

    В наличност

    19,50лв / бр.

  • Wasabi Shan Kui Бърз поглед

    Wasabi Shan Kui


    Hey Kui, with the fine hair! This stimulating wasabi shampoo will turn on your follicles and promote great growth. A combination of fresh horseradish, caffeine powder, and menthol crystals give a burst of warming stimulation as you massage it over the scalp. The refreshing scent of rose, organic sweet orange, and Sicilian lemon oils lift the mood. Hand-harvested sea salt, Epsom salt and wasabi decoction give your roots a volumising boost while olive oil improves the tensile strength of the hair, helping to prevent breakage and leaving it soft and shiny.

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